We diligently reviewed a number of help desk applications on the market, and we came to the conclusion that TechExcel Help Desk was the best of breed; a year later, we still hold to that belief.

David C. Yavorsky CIO of First American Mortgage Information Services

Challenge Solution Result

Needed to replace existing help desk software due to high cost of maintenance, upgrades, and hardware.

TechExcel Help Desk – A high performance, affordable help desk and change management software solution with integrated employee web portal.

84% cost savings in maintenance.

Free upgrades.

Hardware for TechExcel Help Desk required only 5% of previous hardware budget.

All levels of management had difficulty with reporting.

Required easy to use, customizable reporting with optional 3rd party report integration.

Scores of built-in reports help spot trends and track performance.

Report-builder allows users to create custom reports & export them to popular formats, or publish directly to the web.

Integrates with Crystal Reporting or custom reporting applications.

Ability to perform real-time data reporting gives management more insight.

The report wizard gives users of all skill levels the ability to customize their own reporting environment and quickly create ad hoc reports.

Needed a flexible solution that would meet help desk, change management, and asset management needs.

Multiple projects can be created within TechExcel Help Desk. Each project is fully customizable, from workflow settings to interface design customizations, using a simple GUI administration client.

The TechExcel AssetWise module integrates with TechExcel Help Desk to provide seamless integration of asset related tasks.

First American uses TechExcel Help Desk for help desk management, IT change management and IT asset management needs.

First American uses AssetWise to track all types of assets: from parking spaces to computer hardware.

The simple administration of TechExcel Help Desk allowed First American to reduce the number of help desk administrators by 75%.