Unmatched Scalability and Higher Performance

Easily save up to 20+ minutes a day per team member and guarantee 100% uptime with DevSuite’s site expansion capabilities. Enable offshore teams with localized DevSuite performance by real time data syncing between multiple locations.

Local DevSuite with Multi-Site Implementation

Install DevSuite locally on each offshore site and receive full performance. Distribute projects amongst different sites and data between sites will be synced in real time. Don’t let a site failure be a roadblock, instead access the same project and data from another sister site.

Scalable System and Project Architecture

DevSuite scales as your project and organization expands. Setup multiple webservers and document servers for uninterrupted service and higher performance. Based on the organization size, number of users and complexity, the architecture can be scaled to support multiple servers.

Keyword and full index searching

Quickly search through millions of records using keyword and full index searching. The search results are returned within few seconds.