One tool for the Entire Organization

ServiceWise has a unique project concept, which allows multiple departments the flexibility of configuring, managing and reporting upon service items all within a single application. From Human Resources to Procurement and IT, all departments can manage requests in one single application. And employees can submit requests from a central self-service portal.

Inter-project Copy

Work projects can be linked to each other such that incidents and requests can trigger new incidents/requests in another project. For example, an incident submitted requires a change. Inter-project copy allows creation of the change request immediately copying information required from the initial incident.

Graphical Workflow

Implement your unique business processes using the point-and-click workflow editor. Define a complete process with progress states, transitions, business logic, and field-level data privileges within minutes using a simple graphical tool that allows you to create a consistent method for handling incidents, issues and requests.

Service Level Agreements

SLA templates can be created to define required resolution, restoration and response times. Each template may be associated with a company schedule to ensure that the SLA is only active during working hours. Each incident in ServiceWise can be associated to an SLA template. When a SLA is attached to the incident, the technician can see the required times. Reports can also be created from SLA templates

Robust reporting and Dashboards

Servicewise features a large selection of canned reports such as incident list, distribution, trend, tabular, productivity, SLA, change log, etc.  In addition, our out-of-the-box reporting capabilities include:

  • 56 Standard reports
  • Unlimited Custom Reports

Web Query Reports:  In addition to exporting the reports into a CSV or Excel format, reports can be published into a URL where they can be placed as widgets on dashboards.