Rapid, Easy Implementation

Want to be functioning within a few weeks? With ServiceWise, implementation is just a matter of days. Need to modify standard processes to match your workflows or meet specific business requirements? No problem. Easily adapt ServiceWise during implementation. Customers who want to modify the built-in functionality of ServiceWise can do so with ease using a simple Administrative UI.

Graphically configurable states and transitions

Implement your unique business processes using the point-and-click workflow editor. Define a complete process with progress states, transitions, business logic, and field-level data privileges within minutes using a simple graphical tool that allows you to create a consistent method for handling incidents, issues and requests.

Process Automation

Automate and streamline your processes using out-of-the-box automation tools in Servicewise. Incorporating automation can help reduce resolve times, improve efficiency and increase overall customer satisfaction. Servicewise provides configurations for auto-routing, auto escalation, automated subtask creation, copying and linking and much more.