World-class self-service portal

A simple and intuitive self-service interface provides a useful alternative for customers submitting incidents while decreasing overall call volume. Servicewise provides the ability to control what employees are seeing when visiting the web portal. Easily customize the web portal interface to find the right balance between features and simplicity.

Employee Dashboards and News

Dashboards in Servicewise provides an effective way to organize information and to inform users of important announcements, company news, and knowledge articles. A good example of an announcement is informing users know of previously scheduled downtime in their area(s). Users can configure the look and feel of their dashboard by organizing each widget.

Solution Recommendations

Knowledge auto-recommendation is a key feature in having a successful self-service portal. In Servicewise, relevant knowledge will appear based on keywords during incident/ticket submission. Auto-suggest will automatically suggest relevant help topics and potential solutions based on customer input for immediate resolution.

Web Conversations

Communicate more effectively with web conversations, a useful alternative to phone and email. Maintain complete web conversation histories and relate conversations to incident records. Employees can also use the web conversations to mark an incident as closed. And, if desired, this action can automatically close out the ticket completely. Technicians can respond to a web conversation which can also auto set the response time if SLA is enforced. All comments are recorded with a date/time stamp so users can quickly refer back to what was communicated.