Built with ITIL Best Practices

ServiceWise is based on the ITIL framework, a model recognized worldwide in the area of sound IT service management. Built to support operating teams in their daily activities, ServiceWise has evolved to make ITIL concepts accessible and exploitable by all types of organizations, regardless of their scale. Concretely addressing operating problems makes it possible to identify and formalize the rapid gains necessary to improve how IT teams work. This focus allows an initial implementation that is fast, controlled and easily adaptable to your organizational context.

Incident Management

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Change Management

Graphical workflow modeling and intuitive task automation allows processes to be customized for the business need.

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Problem Management

Complete control during every phase of problem management: investigation, root cause analysis, classification, prioritization, documentation, request for change, resolution, and evaluation.


Immediately identify the who, what, when, where and why of every setting and every change.

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Knowledge Management


Pink Elephant Certified

Itil 2011 standards