Kloud AI

AI Expert Bots for your business processes

Kloud AI’s Expert Bot

Kloud AI will enable your business processes to include AI Expert Bots as a key team member

Kloud AI’s Expert bot will dramatically improve the productivity of your team

  • Works as a true expert to summarize meetings and write solution documentation based on meeting content.
  • Understands any document and can summarize and present in any language.
  • Helps project managers and product owners optimize the development process.

Custom develop your custom Kloud AI solution

  • The Kloud AI Expert bot will learn from your existing documentation and be able to answer virtually any question and provide summaries of your meetings based on the expert-level knowledge.
  • Build a Product Feature Map for your software to enhance your development process, managed by the AI Expert bot along with your team.
  • Build a Customer Support Expert Bot to improve customer self-service and assist the level 2 support team.
  • Leverage Kloud AI functionality to build an AI Expert Bot for your own unique business processes.

We will help develop your AI Product Expert Bot

Based on Kloud’s patented LiveDoc technology and sophisticated data models, we quantify all documents, requirements, tests, and tasks to train the Product Expert Bot.

Once trained, the Product Expert Bot will seamlessly support your team members to automate processes, save time, improve quality, and increase knowledge.

You can also custom develop your AI Expert Bot using our Open Development API and integration platform.

You can further improve the Expert Bot using Kloud’s Product Feature Map which automatically associates each requirement, test, and task to an underlying product feature.

The Product Expert Bot will understand your product at a detailed level exceeding your own experts.

Training Your AI Expert Bot

Building your own knowledge base

  • Build your knowledge base by collecting all relevant documents to train the AI Expert Bot to understand your product at an expert level.
  • Your AI Expert bot will be trained to apply existing knowledge as well as understand new documents and conversations to continuously improve its knowledge and understanding.

Building a Product Feature Map for deep learning

  • Build a baseline Product Feature Map for your products and the AI Expert Bot will automatically associate new requirements to the appropriate feature and create new ones as needed.
  • You can represent a software product or project, customer support platform, and any complex system with a Product Feature Map.
  • We provide a configurable and trainable AI platform that will optimize the AI model for your Product Expert Bot to learn, summarize, answer questions, and to present product knowledge in any language.