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Kloud AI provides interactive customer support AI Expert Bots that understand your products as well as your best support engineers.

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Customer Self-Service

  • The Kloud AI Expert Bot will understand your products as well as your best level-1 support engineers.
  • Customers can interact with the AI Expert Bot online to answer detailed questions and resolve problems.
  • The AI Expert Bot will direct customers to knowledge base items most relevant to their issues.
  • Customers can submit support tickets via the LiveSync App or your support portal with both text and images, and the Kloud AI Bot will fully understand the problem and help to resolve the ticket.
  • Customers can request a meeting with the Support team directly from the LiveSync App.

Live Person Support

  • The Kloud AI Expert Bot enables your team to better understand each support ticket and resolve them quickly.
  • Interactive Kloud Meetings allow the Support team to work with customers in real time.
  • LiveSync Recordings allow Support Engineers to easily record solution videos to share with the customer to resolve tickets remotely and asynchronously.