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Deliver LiveDocs to all attendees without the resolution limitations or bandwidth issues associated with screen sharing
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An Introduction to Kloud Meetings

Kloud Meetings Supercharge Online Meetings

Advanced AI features

  • Attendees can ask the Kloud AI Expert Bot detailed questions about the LiveDoc content, and the AI Bot can summarize and present the LiveDocs in real time.
  • Kloud AI will recognize each speaker’s voice and summarize their comments, no need to be logged in.
  • After the meeting, Kloud AI will summarize the discussion, attendee comments, decisions made, and action items.
  • Using the Kloud Pen and notebook, all meeting notes will be included in the meeting summary.
  • Kloud AI provides real-time text captions of the conversation and intelligent translations providing subtitles in the languages required by attendees
  • Kloud AI can generate business documents based on the meeting discussion, including sales contracts, business proposals, marketing plans, product requirements, and more.

Other Kloud Meeting Features

Seamless LiveDoc Integration

  • Share LiveDocs with all attendees without the resolution or bandwidth limitations associated with screen sharing. Attendees can annotate LiveDocs in real time and save them for future reference.
  • Attendees can edit documents in real time while presenting them.
  • The substance of meetings, including documents and work items, become part of the meeting itself, no need for desktop sharing.
  • Completed meetings are automatically saved for team review.

Integration with other software systems

  • Kloud Meetings provide a plug-in that can be seamlessly integrated with any software system.
  • Enable Kloud’s integrated video conferencing inside the software you already use.
  • Transform meetings into an integral part of your workflow, embedding them fully into work tasks.

On-Premise or On-Line

  • For the ultimate in security and cost management, Kloud Meeting servers can be deployed on-premise if needed.