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Kloud AI will enhance the entire Sales Cycle from lead generation to sales communication and closing

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Kloud AI Expert Bot for Sales

Kloud AI Expert Bot for Sales Meetings

  • The Kloud Sales Expert Bot can preselect sales documents for meetings and propose meeting topics and important questions to ask the prospect.
  • It can assist salespeople in making live product presentations and can answer prospect’s detailed questions about your products in real time.
  • Kloud Meetings provide AI-powered face-to-face and online meetings with prospects, and Kloud AI will write up a summary of each meeting including discussion points, questions, and action items.
  • Kloud Sales Expert Bots can generate professional sales proposals and solution documents based on meeting notes, discussion analysis, Sales Opportunity properties, and more.

Integrating the Kloud Sales Expert Bot with your CRM system

  • The Kloud AI Expert Bot comes standard with integration and we will add support for other CRM systems as well.
  • You can use the Kloud API or work with us to integrate Kloud Sales Expert Bot with your CRM software.