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AI Powered Digital Business Cards And Online Chat.

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AI Powered Digital Business Cards

Kloud LiveSync Card

AI-Powered Digital Business Cards for Lead Generation, Sales Communication, and Customer Support

  • Kloud’s LiveSync Card leverages today’s advanced AI technology to generate sales leads more effectively. It helps to train your AI Expert Bots that can answer prospect’s technical and business questions.
  • Employees can share their business cards with contacts in a cool and impressive way with the LiveSync NFC Business Card, while enabling product content sharing and communication.

LiveSync Calls and Meetings

  • The app includes built-in LiveSync Call capability for reaching your sales team or customer support center directly.
  • Customers can schedule meetings with your sales and support team directly within the LiveSync Card App
  • Live person support can be integrated with any CRM system.

LiveSync Channels

  • Share sales materials with prospects as LiveDocs and videos via LiveSync Channels, or simply send a link by text or email.

Powered by Kloud AI

  • Prospects will be qualified by simply using the LiveSync Card App and Kloud AI will notify you when they are engaged.
  • The Kloud AI Product Expert Bot is always available to answer your customer’s detailed and technical product questions.

AI Powered Online Chat

Kloud LiveSync Chat

AI Expert Bots for enhanced customer support

  • Kloud’s LiveSync Chat leverages today’s AI technology to power your apps and web sites for advanced customer self-service. Our AI Expert Bot is trained with deep learning to understand your products as well as your best Level-1 support engineers and can answer virtually any question about your products.
  • LiveSync Chat is integrated with the Enterprise strength Call Center functions
  • Live person support can be integrated with any CRM system.
  • Kloud LiveSync supports custom form submission for vouchers or online product purchases.
  • Kloud AI Bots can join meetings with customers, sales, and customer service staff, providing real-time product knowledge to assist in delivering customer service responses.
  • Kloud AI Bots can respond to any customer inquiries, analyze images and documents submitted by customers, provide detailed answers and offer solutions to technical issues.