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Kloud AI will make your entire development process more efficient, from requirements to QA testing.

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Kloud AI for Software Development enables AI Expert Bots and development teams to work together to improve productivity and quality.

  • Start using the Kloud AI Expert Bots easily via simple configuration and AI training.
  • Develop customized AI functionality by calling the Kloud AI API.
  • Custom development services are also available to help you build AI systems for your unique needs.
  • For software development and R & D systems, you can simply use our existing Kloud Software Development Expert Bot to improve requirements, development and QA testing.
  • Supported platforms include ProjectOne from TechExcel and Jira/Confluence from Atlassian

Integrating Kloud AI with your existing systems

What can Kloud AI do?

  • Read documents, interpret images, understand requirements, and help teams to improve requirement writing.
  • Create summary presentations from your documents and requirements.
  • Create development stories and tasks based on requirements.
  • Create test cases from requirements, including linked knowledge and other associated records, to ensure that test cases cover multiple considerations due to regulatory and other unique testing needs.
  • Analyze requirements to ensure that all necessary test cases have been created and are written correctly.
  • Auto-analyze testing results to create defects or recommend additional enhancements leveraging the deep learning capability of our AI Expert Bots.
  • Kloud’s built-in Product Feature Map automatically associates each requirement, test, and task with an underlying product feature.

Entire development process , powered by Kloud AI


  • Kloud LiveDocs enable any document to be interactive and self presenting. The Kloud AI Expert Bot can answer virtually any questions related to the document and requirements.
  • Kloud AI Ask Bot enables meeting attendees to interactively discuss documents and requirements with the Bot.
  • Kloud AI Present enables the AI Expert Bot to present any requirement with deep understanding of the dependency of linked requirements, tasks, test cases and defects.


  • Creates development stories based on the understanding of requirements
  • Helps developers to better understand their work assignment by watching the AI Bot presentations of the linked requirements and test cases.

QA Testing

  • Auto create Test Cases from requirements
  • Enables test cases be created with consideration of unique requirement needs, linked knowledge, regulatory and other definable verification and validation considerations and mandates.
  • Configurable AI Training and AI Prompt customizations.

Kloud AI for Test Cases

Auto create test cases from requirement

  • LiveImage AI bot can understand any image attached to a requirement, test case, or defect.

AI Assisted test case writing

  • When QA engineers write test cases, the AI Expert Bot can help optimize the writing by applying its knowledge of the parent requirement and the related knowledge.
  • The regulatory compliance, validation, and verification matrix can be complicated for human experts to remember, the P1 AI Expert Bot helps to ensure this is all done correctly.

Kloud AI’s Product Feature Map

Build a Product Feature Map for deep learning

Build a baseline Product Feature Map for your products and systems so that the AI Expert Bot will automatically associate new requirements or work items to the appropriate features so the bots can learn and work like human experts.

Kloud AI Presentations

  • Summarizes the AI Understanding of a Requirement
  • Presents a Requirement with AI generated animation and voices
  • AI presentations help the team with better understanding

Kloud’s Live Image AI for Requirements

  • Train your AI Expert Bot to understand images

    Screenshots and images can be imported to the AI Expert bot for deeper learning and training

  • Understand images and screenshots in a requirement specification

    The AI Expert Bot can understand and analyze images and summarize their meaning and improve the requirement writing.