Kloud AI

Kloud AI provides pre-built AI Expert Bots for Software Development, Sales, and Customer Support, as well as professional quality expert bots for and other processes.

Kloud LiveDocs

Interactive document collaboration with built in Kloud AI integration to summarize document content, answer detailed questions, and create presentations.

Kloud Meetings

LiveDoc powered, high-performance online meetings, with built in Kloud AI integration to summarize meeting discussions, decisions, and action items.

Kloud LiveSync Card

AI-Powered Digital Business Cards for Lead Generation, Sales Communication, and Customer Support

Integrating Kloud AI functionality with your current systems

Start with AI

Option 2: Deploy one of Kloud’s pre-built AI Solution models

Kloud has developed sophisticated AI models for many of today’s critical business processes, including Software Development, Sales, Customer Support.

Kloud customers can simply create an account, customize the AI features and integrate with existing systems.

Develop your own Kloud AI sub system

Create a Kloud Account and develop your own AI system on top of the Kloud LiveDoc and Kloud Meeting architecture using our existing models as a guide, then easily integrate it with your own software.

Development is accelerated and less resource intensive as Kloud provides the LiveDoc and AI collaboration framework.